Authorized Permit Archive

Was your project permitted? Looking for the permit? This page contains steps to help you find the Notification of Coverage (NOC) or Permit to Construct issued by the Water & Wastewater Permitting Programs.

Note: Only small wastewater systems permitted in Carbon, Crook, Niobrara, Platte, or Weston Counties (and commercial small wastewater systems in Campbell County) have been permitted by the Water & Wastewater Program. Please contact the permitting authority to locate permits for small wastewater systems in any other county.

Follow these steps to find your permit:

1. Find your permit in the Authorized Permits Excel file. It may take 15 months for your permit to appear in this document and archive. If your NOC was issued within the last 30 days, it will be posted on the Recent General Permit Authorizations page.

2. Make note of the permit or NOC number, which is listed in the “APPNO” column. The first two (2) numbers of the permit number are the year in which the permit was issued, and the last three (3) are the application number.

3. If you cannot locate your permit or NOC, please contact the appropriate District Engineer.

4. Open the file containing your permit or NOC number and scroll through the document until you reach your number.


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