Storm Water Permitting

This program contains documents, forms, and other information pertaining to the WYPDES Storm Water Permitting. 

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Storm Water Program News (Last updated 2/13/2019)

******  Permit fee for the Large Construction General Permit (LCGP) has dropped to $100.  This has happened because there is less than a year left on the current LCGP.  Please contact storm water staff with any questions.

******  Please note that the Cheyenne Office of the DEQ Water Quality Division has moved to a new building.  The new address is below.  All NOIs, NOTAs, NOTs, and other reports should be sent to the address below.  Forms will be updated to reflect the new mailing address as soon as possible.  The WYPDES and storm water permitting staff are located on the 4th floor of the new building (the old 'JC Penney's Building' at 17th and Capitol).  The WYPDES compliance staff are located on the 3rd floor.  Other Water Quality programs will be located on other floors. Please call the program you're interested in to find out where they are (5/17/16):  

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality/Water Quality Division
Storm Water Program

200 West 17th Street - 4th Floor
Cheyenne, WY  82002

Active Storm Water Authorizations (Excel files)

Under the Large Construction General Permit (5 or more acres) – updated bimonthly (last updated 2/13/2019)

Under the Industrial General Permit – updated quarterly (last updated 6/30/2019)

Under the Mineral Mining General Permit – updated quarterly (last updated 6/30/2019)

Under the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) General Permit – updated as needed (last updated 12/30/2019)

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