Obtaining a Permit

Chapters 3, 11, 12, and 25 of the Wyoming Water Quality Rules and Regulations outline the requirements for construction permitting and can be viewed on the Secretary of State website. The policies which further refine the construction permitting process can be viewed on our Policies page.

Permit Application Instructions
Step 1: Complete a Wyoming Water and Wastewater Program Application for Permit to Construct form (Chapter 3 permit).  Submit three copies of the design report and construction plans and specifications to the District Engineer for the county (see District Map) in which construction will take place.  All three copies must be signed and sealed by a Wyoming licensed Professional Engineer (PE).

If you are interested in submitting a Trade Secret Confidentiality Request, click here.

Step 2: DEQ will review the application for compliance with rules, regulations, and policies.  The DEQ engineer will issue an individual or general permit, or a permit by rule permit as is warranted by the situation. Please contact the District Engineer for the county in which construction will take place if you need more information about which permit is required (see District Map).

Step 3: If the permit is issued, the owner must complete construction within the timeframe specified in the permit, which will not exceed 5 years.  If construction is not completed within this time frame, a new construction permit must be obtained.

Step 4: Submit a Certificate of Completion form when construction is complete.

Step 5: Submit a Transfer of Ownership form if the ownership of this facility is transferred to another party.



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