General Permits

General permits have the same permitting requirements as other permits.  These requirements are specified in Chapter 3 and the general permit itself.  Instructions for obtaining a permit are detailed on the Obtaining a Permit page.

DEQ develops and issues a new general permit every 5 years for each of the four types of facilities listed below.  The general permits were last issued June 19, 2017, and are valid until June 19, 2022.

  • Pilot Plants for pilot plants constructed to obtain data to demonstrate compliance with Chapters 11 and 12
  • Sewage Collection Facilities for extensions to or modifications of existing sewage collection facilities excluding storm sewers, pump stations, lift stations, or force mains
  • Small Wastewater Systems for installation, repair or replacement of individual or commercial sewage disposal systems that treat less than 2,000 gallons of domestic sewage per day.  All relevant forms and documents for a complete package are available on the Small Wastewater Systems Permitting resource at left.  Counties where DEQ is not the permitting authority may require different forms or additional information.
  • Water Distribution Facilities for extensions to or modifications of existing public water supply distribution facilities excluding finished water storage facilities and booster pump systems


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