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The Electronic Discharge Monitoring Report (eDMR) process is an application for electronic submittal of Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) data. The basic process involves logging in to the application, entering the DMR information, and submitting the information to the DEQ. Some of the benefits of using the eDMR application as opposed to paper DMRs include faster entry, information verification, viewing complete permit effluent history, and complete company held permit effluent history, and data that is more accurate. 

eDMR 2.0 and 2.2

eDMR 2.0 was released on 6/18/2009. Since then a few improvements have been made to eDMR 2.0 with eDMR 2.2 beginning most notable. eDMR 2.2 was released late 2013 to accommodate the new login and submit method, which are part of EPA’s requirement to make eDMR and other WDEQ applications CROMEER compliant. The changes also include a new login page, a modified main page, and a modified submit page. It is important to note that eDMR 2.2 is the first version of eDMR that only requires one account to enter and submit data for multiple companies. eDMR 2.0 and 2.2 were discontinued on 9/30/15. Beginnig 10/1/15 only eDMR 3.0 will be available to enter and submit discharge data to DEQ. Instructions on how to sign up for eDMR 3.0 can be find below.

eDMR 3.0

The newest version of eDMR is eDMR 3.0. Several updates and changes, have been addressed, including the issue with internet browser compatibility. eDMR 2.0 and 2.2 were only compatible with Internet Explorer 8, whereas eDMR 3.0 is compatible with Internet Explorer 10, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. If you use Internet Explorer 11 please use the Compatibility View to be able to enter your data correctly.  Other changes and updates include a revamped main page, the addition of a navigation menu, and added functionality.

The web address for eDMR 3.0 is:https://edmr.wqd.apps.deq.wyoming.gov.

Before accessing eDMR 3.0, the permittee will have to obtain login privileges for their company and/or consultants to access the application. Accessing eDMR requires an eGOV (https://egov.state.wy.us/) and ENVITE (https://envite.deq.wyoming.gov) account. A walkthrough guide for eGOV and ENVITE can be found at http://deq.wyoming.gov/admin/e-portal/.

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