Discharge Monitoring Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

For basic help assistance, the most important thing is to be as specific as possible. It is important that you supply all of the information to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) so we can assist you the best we can. The following information is required: Permit Number, Outfall, Time Frame, Specific Problem, and any background information you feel is necessary. If you are using XML files, please attach a copy of the XML file to the email when notifying the DEQ.

eDMR 3.0 requires an active ENVITE account to access the application, which can be obtained by going both to https://egov.state.wy.us/ and https://envite.deq.wyoming.gov. Instructions on how to set up an eGOV and ENVITE account can be found at http://deq.wyoming.gov/wqd/dmrs/resources/eDMR/.

The DEQ asks companies to update the account information when personal or company information changes. To update the account information, please log in to ENVITE and go to “User Profile” to update any information.

eDMR accounts no longer need to be deactivated. Inactive accounts expire after 14 months from the last time the account was used. If the account expires and you want to use the inactive account again, you will have to request access to eDMR again.

eDMR 3.0 supports the following browser: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer Versions 8-11. Other browsers, such as Opera or Safari, have not been tested but might work with eDMR 3.0.

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