Discharge Monitoring Reports

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The federal Clean Water Act provides that the discharge of any pollutants from a point source into surface water of the United States must be regulated under the Wyoming Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WYPDES) Program. Through this program, operators of a point source discharge are required to receive coverage under a WYPDES discharge permit.

The permits contain limitations and conditions that will assure that the state's surface water quality standards are protected. In order to verify that the state's surface quality standards are protected the permits also contain sampling requirements that show that permit holders comply with the permit limitations and conditions.

The sample results have to be submitted to the DEQ on Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) at specific time intervals as specified in the permit (see DMR Due Dates table). The DMRs can be submitted either on paper (see PaperDMR) or through the electronic Discharge Monitoring Report (eDMR) system. Access to the eDMR system requires username, password, and pin number, which can obtained by submitting an eDMR application (see eDMR).

The WYPDES Program also requires that permit holders comply with their permit requirements including submitting their DMRs on time, submitting DMRs even when there was no discharge, submitting completed and legible DMRs, etc. Permit holders are also required to notify the Water Quality Division (WQD) of any permit violations (excursions, non-sampling events, other violations). Failure to comply with the permit requirements might result in an enforcement action (for details see Compliance).