Water Quality

The Water Quality Division works to keep Wyoming’s water clean by monitoring and protecting surface- and groundwater in the state.

This section of the DEQ website contains overviews and information regarding all of the WQD's programs. Additionally, you may access a variety of downloadable resources – forms, studies, Rules & Regulations, guidelines, permitting information, announcements and more – by navigating to your specific program of interest. All of this information can be accessed by clicking through the directory on the left-hand side of this page.

Whether you have a question about your home’s well water, your neighborhood’s storm sewer or you are an agricultural, mineral extraction, or manufacturing business, we can help you understand the regulations that protect Wyoming’s water. 

To notify WQD that you will be plugging and abandoning a well as described in WQRR Chapter 26, Section 11, please complete the following webform: Notification of Plugging and Abandonment Form.  To report to WQD that you have completed the well plugging and abondment process, as described in WQRR Chapter 26, Section 11, complete the following webform: Plugging and Abandonment Completion Form.

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