Applications on Notice


Electronic copies of the Air Quality Division’s public notice, permit application analysis, and permit application are now available through the IMPACT Public-Facing Website OpenAir at  More information about OpenAir can be found here.

Public Notice Process for New Source Review Permitting Actions

After a permit application has been reviewed and the Air Quality Administrator has reached a proposed decision to approve or disapprove the request, the Division of Air Quality, in accordance with the Wyoming Air Quality Standards and Regulations, will advertise such proposed decision in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the source is proposed.  This advertisement will indicate the general nature of the proposed facility, the proposed approval/disapproval of the permit, and a location in the region where the public might inspect the information submitted in support of the requested permit and the Air Quality Division’s analysis of the effect on air quality.  The public will be afforded a 30-day period in which to make comments and recommendations to the Division of Air Quality.

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality is now posting electronic copies of the Air Quality Division’s public notice, permit application analysis, and permit application on the Department’s web site for convenience and ease of access.  Electronic copies of the public notice, permit application analysis, and permit application will be available on this web page through the duration of the public comment period.  They will be removed after the comment period closes.

Submitting Public Comments

Currently the Air Quality Division is not accepting electronic comments on New Source Review permitting actions.  The Department is evaluating potential solutions that may facilitate electronic comment submission.

Comments must be directed to:

Nancy Vehr
Division of Air Quality
Department of Environmental Quality
200 West 17th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Comments can be mailed or faxed to (307) 635-1784.  Please reference the applicable application number in your comment.  All comments received by 5:00 p.m. local time (Mountain) on the final day of the comment period will be considered in the final determination on the permit application. 

Search Capabilities

Electronic files listed below are searchable by application number, company name, facility name, and county.  Enter the desired parameter in the Search box located at the top of the file grid and the results will be returned automatically.

Electronic Public Notices and Related Electronic Documentation Disclaimer

The posted public notice, permit application analysis, and permit application documents are not official documents, and the accuracy of each is not guaranteed.  These electronic documents are, to the best of the Air Quality Division’s ability, complete and representative of the official documents.


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