Environmental Quality Council

The Environmental Quality Council serves as an independent entity that reviews matters concerning the prevention, reduction and elimination of pollution - and preservation of Wyoming's water, air and land quality. 

The EQC was created in 1973 when the Environmental Quality Act (the Act) became law. §§35-11-101, et seq. 1997, as amended. The Act has always provided that the EQC operates as an independent entity. However, the Wyoming State Legislature formally declared the EQC as a separate operating agency in 1992, when all state agencies concerned with natural resources were reorganized.

The Governor appoints the seven members of the Environmental Quality Council, and the Senate confirms the appointments. The EQC members are not full-time employees, but are reimbursed and paid in the same manner as members of the Legislature. The EQC members, and the three person staff, form a separate operating agency.

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