Environmental Stewardship Program & Award

What is the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP)?

The Environmental Stewardship Program is a voluntary program that recognizes businesses that utilize sustainable business practices. Businesses that operate with sustainability in mind are less likely to have regulatory issues and typically have reduced operating costs. The benefits of this program go far beyond the savings of money and the reduction of regulatory burdens - they include increased business opportunitites, new clientelle, free publicity, increased opportunities for technical assistance, and even the ability to be recognized as an Environmental Stewardship Award Winner.

The ESP requires that a minimum annual reporting be submitted to the State's Sustainability Coordinator. This reporting is utilized internally for programmatic evaluation as well as shared anonymously with other agencies (state and federal) to meet statutory and grant requirements and obligations.

What is the Environmental Stewardship Award (ESA)?

The Environmental Stewardship Award is a quarterly award that is voted on by the Compliance Advisory Panel (CAP) and given to one winner. Award finalists are nominated by the seven Wyoming DEQ divisions, as well as nominations brought forth by the CAP.

Businesses that wish to be considered for the ESA must be enrolled in the ESP.

Enrolling in the Program

It is easy to enroll in the program. In exchange for the recognition and benefits, DEQ requests that you report your data to the Sustainability Coordinator on a regular basis (minimum of annual reporting required). This reporting data can be as simple as copies of your utility bills and as complex as databases and spreadsheets that are used in your business. 

Why should you participate?

In addition to receiving expert guidance to help your business or organization reach its environmental goals, you will be able to use the Environmental Stewardship Award winner logo in all of your advertising and marketing materials for the duration of your participation in the program. Additionally, your business or organization will be recognized on our website, and a press release announcing your achievement will be sent to the media.